Modern Dormitory Mattresses
Modern Dormitory Mattresses
The Varsity™ Mattress

Our Flagship Mattress

The Varsity™ is our most popular design among colleges and universities, with all of the comfort and safety features that make University Sleep an industry leader. Complete with plush or firm dual sleep surfaces, a nylon performance fabric cover and more, The Varsity™ defines Modern Dormitory Mattresses™.

The Varsity Dormitory Mattress

The Varsity™ mattress comes with an industry-leading, 6-year, non-prorated warranty. In fact, our customers are often surprised by our durability and how infrequently they need to order replacements. With a useful life of more than 8 years, our mattresses provide lower yearly costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

  • Convoluted Pressure Reduction Foam
  • Insulator Pad
  • Ultra-Firm Foam Edging
  • Low-Profile Innerspring
  • Fire Barrier
  • Nylon Performance Fabric Cover
All University Sleep mattresses meet Federal and State flammability codes with no spray-on FR chemicals.
University Sleep mattresses are anti-static, contain no commonly known allergens, are treated with an antibacterial coating, are anti-fungal, and have unique flat, dropped side seams to make clean up with a damp sponge quick and simple.
University Sleep mattresses resist stains, odors, liquids and bodily fluids (including blood).
Engineered for durability and cleanliness, comfortable University Sleep Modern Dormitory Mattresses™ also resist bed bugs, bacteria, and dust mites.
University Sleep is your partner for Modern Dormitory Mattresses™. We can collect and dispose of old mattresses, deliver new product in as little as a week if necessary, and offer custom sizes and configurations as requested.
University Sleep Products offers a 3 or 6 year, non-prorated warranty depending on model purchased.
Made in USA:
University Sleep proudly manufactures Modern Dormitory Mattresses™ in Elgin, Illinois in our wholly-owned manufacturing facility, from domestic and sourced materials.

At University Sleep, we understand your needs. Quality products. Competitive pricing. Superior service.

We would be happy to answer your questions. Please contact us today to let us know how University Sleep can help your organization.

I used to sleep on a hard mattress before I slept on the mattress in our university’s dorm. I quickly loved our dorm’s softer mattress. However, when I moved off campus after my first semester, there was one thing I knew I had to face – I had to buy a new mattress. I spent much time and tried many, but eventually I knew I liked the mattress from our dorm the best, which was a product from University Sleep Products. I ordered a mattress from University Sleep Products for my new off-campus home. It’s even better than the old version in our university dorm! The service I was given was also wonderful.

Student at The University of Connecticut

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