The Standard for Quality

Modern Dormitory Mattress™ from University Sleep are made in the USA in our Elgin, Illinois manufacturing facility. There is no middleman markup, no run-around and orders can ship in as little as one week.

Our mattresses are specially designed to handle the wear and tear of daily college life and meet the highest state and federal requirements.

University Sleep offers prompt price quotes, superior service, quality products and competitive pricing.

I’ve heard nothing but great reviews about your mattresses and installation. Some of my employees even want to buy some! 


We have been extremely pleased with the mattresses since we ordered the first batch two years ago, but it seems that the new edition is an even better product. We had some students who helped us move them in and they actually loved them so much compared to the previous ones that they ended up sneaking back into the residence hall that night and sleeping on them. Keep up the good work and know that as we continue to move forward with renovations, we will keep ordering your mattress.


Better Sleep.

Made in the USA. Used by college campuses across the country.