Specifications and Features


Are your mattresses manufactured in the United States and in accordance with Manufacturing best practices (no formaldehyde, other poisons, and contaminants)?

All of our mattresses are manufactured in the United States to ensure there are no formaldehyde, no other poisons and no other contaminants, which are often found in mattresses manufactured in other countries.

What flammability and smolder prevention standards do you use for your mattresses?
  • All foam must pass the California Technical Bulletin #117 flammability standard
  • A fire barrier covers the entire mattress core, completely encapsulating the mattress to form a full fire barrier
  • The ends of the fire barrier are sewn closed – never folded over
  • The ends of the mattress contain vents that do not break the fire barrier
  • The mattress must meet all of the requirements for the following test methods:
    • Boston Fire Department IX-11 Full Composite Burn Test
    • California Technical Bulletin #129 and #603 Open Flame Burn Test
    • ASTM 1590/UL Test 1895 for Open Flame Test for Heat Release
    • Consumer Product Safety Commission 16 CFR 1633 Open Flame Burn Test
How do the mattresses prevent bed bug infestation and fluid absorption while maintaining durability, sustainability and comfort?

Mattress construction is critical, utilizing all of the following:

Mattress must pass the ASTM METHOD F 1670 Liquid and Synthetic Blood Penetration Test

Four-corner box construction (never an envelope construction)

Lock-stitched inverted seams (never chain-stitched)

Seams located halfway down the depth of the mattress to prevent body fluid absorption

No taped-edge seams, zippers or Velcro anywhere on the mattress in order to eliminate bed bug nesting sites

On each side of the innerspring unit, a spun-bond insulator is glued into place to prevent bed bug migration

Minimum 2”-thick layer of premium quality (1.8 lb/ft3), minimum density, convoluted foam on both top and bottom

Firm side contains 46 ILD pressure-reduction foam; plush side contains 32 ILD pressure-reduction foam to provide dual firmness and increased comfort

Mattress perimeter contains ultra-firm 1.8 lb/ft3 85 ILD foam edges to prevent edge collapse

How do the mattresses provide allergen and fungal resistance?

The mattress must meet all of the requirements for the following test methods:

Allergen Barrier Use Simulation Test

The specified ticking is certified to be PBDE free, antimony free, and lead-free

ASTM METHOD F 1671 Viral Penetration Test

Are you willing to submit certifications – not affidavits – from independent laboratories that demonstrate your mattresses meet blood-, fluid- and allergenproof requirements?


Do you ever use vinyl or vinyl-backed ticking?

No. Both are unacceptable for university dorm mattress specifications.

How is the spring unit constructed?

The spring unit is an all-wire, knotted-coil construction. It consists of transverse rows of coils with 17.5-gauge patented lacing wire helicals running at right angles to the long axis of the unit to prevent a free-hinge action. This construction increases comfort and longevity.

What shape are the coils, and what is their count configuration?

All coils are hourglass shape. The spring unit has a low-profile, 7″ x 24″ coil count configuration.

How does the mattress resist permanent load stress yet still be able to return to a 180-degree flat surface after being folded head to foot?

The spring wire is made of 13-gauge high carbon and it has been properly heat-treated so eliminate permanent load stress. The spring unit contains no border wires, which enables the mattress to be folded from head to foot and then return to a 180-degree flat surface without any damage to the mattress.

How is the mattress cover made?

The mattress cover is a 210-denier, waterproof, anti-bacterial, antifungal, PVC-free, polyurethane-coated nylon with durable water repellant (such as SafeSleep™), that causes fluid to bead up on the mattress rather than wet the fabric.

Are the covers tight-fitting?

Yes. Loose-fitting covers are unacceptable and dangerous because they create bedbug nesting locations.

Performance and Maintenance


Are you willing to submit a sample mattress for compliance examination?


What kind of warranties do you offer?

3 or 6 year manufacturer defect coverage depending on the model purchased.

What kind of performance guarantees do you offer?

All mattresses are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for the full non-pro-rated period of 6 years. Should the need arise, a replacement for a standard size mattress will be delivered within 48 hours.

How do I clean a University Mattress?

For routine care, wipe clean with neutral soap suds and lukewarm water. Rinse and dry. For further detail, click here.

Ordering and Delivery

In what ways will you assist our institution with reducing shipping costs?

Based on your needs, mattresses can be shipped in compression wrapped boxes of 17” x 17” x 34” to reduce shipping costs and eliminate extra fuel costs for less-than-truckload (LTL) orders, decrease the risk of damage, and provide for easy handling by university personnel.

What are your contract terms?

University Sleep Products will work with your institution to determine contract terms.

How do you assist our institution with installation and removal?

A full installation service and a full removal service is available.

Will you deliver to multiple sites on one campus?


Do you have recycling programs available?


Are you willing to supply our institution with a list of at least 6 universities or colleges to which you have supplied mattresses (along with their contact information for reference checking and verification)?


Thanks, Paul. You and your team always do a wonderful job, and we are very pleased with the product and service we receive! 


Made in the USA. Used by college campuses across the country.